6 ways that we help clients resolve title deed issues

It can be stressful and confusing to resolve a problem with your property’s title deed. Our team at the TSC is here to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring your property rights are secure and your title deed accurately reflects your ownership.

We can assist with many different kinds of problems:

1. Is there a mistake in your title deed?

Maybe you have noticed that your name is spelt incorrectly or your ID number has been incorrectly recorded? Maybe you are married but the title deed shows you as unmarried? The TSC can assist with the necessary application to the Deeds Office to have these kinds of mistakes corrected ensuring that your title deed accurately records your ownership of the property.

2. Are you divorced but your ex-spouse is refusing to co-operate in transferring the property into your name?

Did you know that you don’t need the co-operation of your ex-spouse to transfer property into your name in terms of a divorce order? The TSC can help you with the correct application to the Deeds Office for an endorsement of the property into your name as stated on the divorce order.

3. Has a family member passed away and you don’t know how to transfer the deceased’s property into your name?

Navigating the processes at the Masters Office can be confusing and time consuming. The TSC offers comprehensive services in reporting deceased estates, including obtaining Letters of Authority and then transferring the deceased’s property into the names of the legal heirs. We do it all, so you don’t have to.

4. Have you bought a property informally through your street committee or by informal agreement with a seller?

The TSC can help you to regularise your informal arrangement with a formal registration in the Deeds Office. This secures your rights as an owner of the property and ensures that the seller cannot change his/her mind. You are not the owner until your name is on the title deed so the sooner you formalise, the better.

5. Have you lost your original title deed or has it been destroyed/damaged?

If so, you will need to apply to the Deeds Office to get a new original title deed. A copy of the title deed is not good enough. The TSC can assist you with this application.

6. Have you been waiting for many years to get your title deed from the government?

The TSC, through its contacts at municipalities and provincial government, will attempt to find out the reasons for the delay on your particular title deed. We can apply for a subsidy for you if your subsidy is not yet approved (provided you qualify), help with the signing of documents needed to transfer the property into your name and liaise with the government appointed conveyancers to ensure that your title deed is not forgotten.

Do you have one of these problems, or any other problem with your title deed? If so, contact us today on our Whatsapp number to take the first step towards resolving your problem: 065 041 6832