The Tenure Support Centre (TSC), previously known as the Transaction Support Centre, was started in July 2018 as an action-research project between the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF) and 71point Consulting. 

The TSC currently has one office operating from the FNB branch in Khayelitsha Mall. 

The TSC helps clients to formalise tenure, regularising informal property markets transactions that have taken place in the past, transferring properties out of deceased estates and securing primary transfer on properties that have never been formally transferred from government to housing subsidy beneficiaries. The TSC uses the experience of clients in the affordable market in Cape Town to engage with City, Provincial and National officials and policy makers. It also engages extensively with private sector stakeholders to drive change in the affordable housing market. At the same time as responding to individual client needs, the TSC also runs projects to address underlying structural problems in the market. 

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