How we work


Note: These steps are repeated often multiple times depending on the nature of the case and the information provided by the client!

Step 1

Client approaches the TSC and explains the nature of his or her title deed problem

step 2

The TSC’s legal advisor and client team review the case details and determine the best way forward

step 3

The TSC may request a number of supporting documents from the client. Where necessary, the TSC may assist the client in collecting these documents

step 4

If all documents are available and are provided by the client, the TSC will instruct the conveyancing team to prepare the case for lodgment, registration and transfer in the Deeds Office

step 5

The client will then receive the title deed for his or her property


    •  Indigent clients and state pensioners: Free

    • Clients with household income less than R6 000 /month: R1 300 – R1 800 for a basic property transfer (depending on value of property), and R1 500 for a lost title deed. These fees are paid directly to the conveyancer (the TSC does not charge for its services)

    • Clients with household income more than R6 000 / month: R6 000 for a basic property transfer (also covers cost if title deed is lost). These fees are paid directly to the conveyancer (the TSC does not charge for its services)

    • In addition, clients will need to pay  the City of Cape Town to settle any outstanding arrears on municipal accounts

    • Other fees may apply if the property is valued at more than R250 000. The TSC will advise the client at the start of the process if this is the case


Your personal information will always be treated with respect and discretion. Read our full privacy policy here. We will also ask you to sign consent to use your information for the purpose of property transfer as per the POPI Act (see an example of the consent).