Client Charter

The TSC provides services to our clients to achieve our vision, but we cannot do it alone. The Client Charter sets out what the TSC’s clients can expect as part of our service and what the TSC needs in return from the clients we serve. 

The TSC Vision

To offer accessible services that support the creation of formal tenure and secure property rights for low-income households in South Africa.

Our promise to you

To offer the best advice with the information made available to us.

To at all times act in the best interests of our clients.

To act respectfully to our clients at all times – this includes how TSC staff speak with clients and how they conduct themselves when they meet with you, our client.

To progress a client’s case without any unnecessary delay and respond to queries as soon as we are able to do so.

To always keep our clients updated on the status of their case as far as possible.

To keep clients’ personal information safe and secure at all times.*

To never discuss our clients’ cases outside of the TSC.

To only ever use their personal information for the purposes of resolving their cases.

We will never ask you to pay for services offered by the TSC or its partners in cash. All payments for services of the TSC must be paid via EFT to service providers directly. 

To make it as easy as possible to access the TSC’s services by using diverse channels including local pop-up offices, telephonic and digital channels.

* See our full privacy policy at The TSC’s services are provided subject to signing a POPIA consent form 

Your promise to us

To provide the TSC with the complete, accurate and honest account of events.

To never purposefully withhold information the TSC has asked for in order to resolve the case.

To act respectfully towards TSC staff members both in terms of how you speak to them and in terms of respect for their time – show up for appointments or let TSC members know if advance if you cannot make an appointment.

To respond to the TSC’s request for information, meetings to sign documents, or any other related requests at your soonest convenience.

To inform the TSC should your contact information or any circumstances that could impact your case change.

Never to pay cash to any member of the team.

To complain to management if any member of the TSC team treats you disrespectfully, does not respond to your requests for assistance, does not give you feedback on your case or asks you to pay in cash for any service.